Simulate Nature

Discover Scaper A5, a groundbreaking lighting system designed to bring the wonders of nature to your vivarium, whether it's an aquarium or terrarium. With Cree Photophyll™ LED technology, this advanced lighting solution goes beyond illumination—it creates an immersive environment that mimics the beauty of sunlight.


Scaper A5

Scaper A5 is specially crafted for vivaria enthusiasts, transforming your aquarium or terrarium into a captivating ecosystem. The precise light spectrum enhances the well-being of your flora and fauna, promoting growth and vitality.


Dynamic Animations

Replicate the dynamic conditions of nature with RGB animations. From the gentle glow of dawn to the warmth of dusk, Scaper A5 allows you to create realistic lighting transitions, enriching the daily life of your vivarium inhabitants. Bring aquatic settings to life with captivating wave effects. Scaper A5's wave simulations add a touch of realism to aquariums, creating a serene atmosphere that mimics the gentle ebb and flow of water.


Wi-Fi Enabled

Take control of your vivarium's lighting with ease. The built-in Wi-Fi controller, accessible through the included app for mobile or desktop, lets you customize the lighting conditions, ensuring the perfect ambiance for your vivarium at any time.


Full Spectrum

By incorporating a harmonious blend of authentic Cree LEDs, we attain a fully saturated light spectrum, encompassing far-red wavelengths extending beyond 700 nanometers.

Optimal Growing Conditions

In addition to incorporating a Cree XHP50 power LED with beam-bundle optics, the J Series 2835 horticulture LEDs by Cree are employed to attain an optimal spectral density for supporting plant life.

Integrated Programmable Controller

Eliminating the necessity for an external timer/controller, Scaper A5 boasts an on-board controller featuring a robust RISC-V processor. This controller efficiently manages 4 LED channels for scenes and animations. Easily configure nature simulations using the included app.

Syncing Multiple Lights

In expansive installations, multiple Scaper A5 lights can effortlessly communicate wirelessly through Swarm technology. This facilitates swarm forming, ensuring seamless orchestration and synchronization among one or more groups of lights.

Flexible Mounting

V-Slot profiles on all sides make it easy to mount Scaper A5 using standard avaiable hardware like T-nuts and steel cable. Additionally, dedicated mounting kits are available.


  • Full spectrum coverage, including 700 nanometer and above
  • Genuine Cree horticulture/aquaculture J Series® LEDs
  • Genuine Cree XLamp® Extreme High Power XHP LED with LEDiL optics
  • Adressable RGB LEDs for color animations
  • PyraLed® diffuser material with integrated LEDiL lens
  • Integrated programmable and Wifi enabled controller
  • Powerful RISC-V processor and 4 LED channels
  • Swarm technology networking for syncing multiple lights
  • Versatile remote control App for mobile and desktop
  • Programmable timing and scene animations
  • Flexible mounting using V-Slot profiles


Yes, full-spectrum light is crucial for the growth and well-being of plants and certain organisms. Full-spectrum light refers to light that covers the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including all colors and wavelengths. Natural sunlight is an example of full-spectrum light.

For plants, different wavelengths of light play specific roles in various stages of growth and development through a process called photosynthesis. Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, absorbs light most efficiently in the blue and red parts of the spectrum. However, other pigments in plants can also absorb light in different wavelengths. Providing a full spectrum of light ensures that all these pigments receive the energy they need for optimal growth.

In addition to photosynthesis, full-spectrum light can influence other biological processes in plants, including flowering and fruiting. For some organisms, especially those in enclosed environments like terrariums or vivaria, replicating natural sunlight as closely as possible is essential for their health and behavioral patterns.

Therefore, in settings where natural sunlight may be limited, such as indoor gardening, aquariums, or vivaria, using full-spectrum lighting sources, like LEDs designed to mimic sunlight, becomes important to support the diverse needs of plants and organisms.

Scaper A5 is tailored for compact to mid-sized vivaria, including aquariums and paludariums. Typically, a single A5 unit provides ample light output suitable for a 60-liter aquarium. To accommodate larger setups, we’ve introduced our Swarm Technology, ensuring that multiple lamps function seamlessly as a unified and cohesive lighting system.

Each Scaper A5 has the flexibility to operate autonomously as a standalone light unit or collaboratively as part of a synchronized swarm of multiple lights. In a Scaper A5 swarm, one designated unit assumes the role of the leader device, functioning as the swarm controller. The remaining devices within the swarm effortlessly synchronize with the leader device. In this swarm configuration, control is streamlined, requiring manipulation of only the leader device. Conversely, when a device operates independently without swarm association, it can be individually controlled. The same user-friendly app is employed for both setups, displaying all nearby Scaper A5 devices for convenient selection and control.

In freshwater aquariums, it’s recommended to employ lamps with a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin, while marine aquariums typically benefit from lamps with a color temperature ranging between 10,000 to 15,000 Kelvin. Scaper A5, emitting full-spectrum light, encompasses both of these color temperatures. Notably, red light and far-red light have limited penetration in water. However, if your setup involves plant life near the water’s surface, the inclusion of red and far-red wavelengths can be advantageous for optimal plant growth and health.

Scaper A5 offers programmable timer settings, allowing you to establish a comprehensive 24-hour schedule. Within each 5-minute interval, you have the flexibility to define the desired brightness and, for RGB LEDs, the color. Scaper A5 smoothly transitions, gradually ramping up or down to reach the specified values. This customization extends to four distinct dimmer channels, encompassing Spot light, Wash light, Red light, and RGB light. Users can save programmed sequences to files, facilitating easy storage and sharing with other Scaper A5 owners. Create captivating dusk, dawn, or moon sequences by blending white light with red or other colors at varying intensities over time. Elevate these color schemes with wave-like effects or sparkling elements, replicating the enchanting play of water waves or the gentle glow of moonlight.

Scaper A5 employs an efficient dimmable LED system operating at 24V, with a maximum consumption of approximately 36 watts. This system minimizes energy wastage as heat, ensuring optimal efficiency. Additionally, the granular control features of Scaper A5 enable precise adjustments, allowing for the minimization of energy consumption over time.

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